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Through the time
Born 1950. Tel-Aviv. Israel. Studied Painting with E.Elgarat, from Bezalel Academy of Art - Jerusalem.- 1970 - 1974/ Lived and worked in Amsterdam, Holland.- 1975 - 1976/ Travelled and worked in the land of Israel.- 1977 - 1983/ Studied etching and worked with A.Putov. Haifa, Israel, and Paris, France.- 1984 - 1992/ Lived and worked in Paris, France.- 1989 - 1992/ Lived and worked in London.- 1993 - 1994/ Made Textil design, cement sculptures, and wall paintings, in Israel.- 1995 - 1997/ Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.- From 1988//// 2001 - Yos is looking for a new site for work and inspiration, now he is near Malaga, in the south of Spain.
The paintings of Joseph Tany are intense with daring colors, wide brush strokes and high emotion, yet it's the intimacy of his work that catches us off-guard. In Orange Turned Face we first sense the strength of the woman's character and the conflict that invades her, then swiftly she turns with that look on her face, and her vulnerability is exposed. This artist does not paint for the passive viewer. His subjects are not overt or obvious. In Lilian the abstractness of his dots and lines grab our attention before making way to reveal a charming woman sitting. His strong, evocative art is suggestive of ancient ways where we hide our real feelings, but told anew through high energy and transformation.
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