Juan J. Rengel

"Gottfried & Nature Collection. Wind"
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Juan J. Rengel, twenty-eight, at this time based in London, studied Philosophy at University of Malaga (Spain) and he is specialist in Cognitive Sciences.
His career spans a number of years as a graphic designer, awarded writer, editor and teacher. The majority of his artistic work is in private collections in Spain.
Having successfully worked as a freelance Graphic Designer within the advertising and new media industries for the last eight years in Spain, Juan J. Rengel now designs work from his free imagination. And enjoying huge success as a graphic artist in Spain, Juan recently took the decision of trying his luck in London, hub of design.
Juan is fascinated with advertising and influenced by the work of the Spanish Dalí, Picasso and Miró and the European comic. Most of his works, apart of some acrylic paintings, are designed on an iBook Mac, using the latest computer software, and once finished the draft, a small homemade edition is produced and signed by hand.


«Gottfried & Nature» (http://www.newartportfolio.com/juanrengel ) is a ten items collection in a strictly limited signed edition of twenty. A personal use of Mac and domestic high quality inkjet printers build the digital Gottfried’s dream world. Gottfried is a soft-mass-being, a pulp-creature, who wonders about our planet in ten different situations.
The Gottfried astonishments in Juan's collection are portrayed with a lively humour, an exquisite attention to clearly defined shapes and a superb use of glossy colours and gradients. The result: an exclusive collection of numbered prints suitable for both adults and children.
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