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I'm a creative writer,poet,digital artist,and photographer,currently residing in Louisiana.I'm also a lover of Jazz and blues music, The Arts,Photography,Creative writing and poetry ,The Bayou scenery, and Creole cooking,The sax to me is the music of the heart and soul,I'm divorced,and always searching for new friends,and new expressions in the arts.
I have recently found a talent in digital art and photography,
I have found digital art and photography to be a highly expressive art form,for self expression.
I feel extremely honored to have won Artist of the month after having seen
other past winners,it is a awesome honor!
I hope to create a place for myself in the world of digital art and photography.Please also check at my poetry sites.
My Urls

http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/judy-arline-puckett .html


My work is a self reflection,
The creation of a collection,called
Reflections of Judy.
The title the picture currently displayed in Clones,
a self potrait.
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