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The Escape
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Karen Musick is a self taught artist who began Musickscapes, "the landscapes of my mind" in 1993 as a way to deal with overwhelming medical issues. Her artwork has continued to be a source of self expression and inner reflection. Dealing with incredible pain on a daily basis, her work reflects not only emotion but pain. Karen has painted most of her life. Before 1993, she concentrated her efforts on landscapes and pen and ink drawings of small animals. Having left landscapes behind, she is now integrating her fluid, brilliantly colored style with her ablility to capture nature in her latest oil paintings. She also works in watercolor, acrylic, pencil, and pen and ink. Technology comes naturally to Karen and she is a bit of a computer geek. She designed this website and using Corel Photo-Paint and her Kodak DC-220 camera she is creating a whole new chapter in the Musickscapes story.
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