Karen Wood

Sensory Overload
© 2018 Karen Wood

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My art is inspired by artists like M.C. Escher, Giger, Dali, and Warhol. I
enjoy the way they alter, distort, and re-engineer images. The music I listen to also contributes to the way I create my art. The various instrumental tracks sound different on their own, but when combined, sound
all as one.I think of art as being music for the eyes. This approach leads to some rather intricate and complex pieces. Depending on the music and images I'm fascinated by at the time. My most recent pieces have explored the visual qualities of reflections and transparent images. My most recent
commissions have been portraits of pets done in an interlocking Escher-type style.

I was born in Long Beach,CA and moved to Big Bear Lake as a child.I went to Cal-State San Bernardino for B.A.Fine Arts.I have entered,placed,and
won at various art shos in the area.My particular style of art does not fit
in with the local Big Bear scene,so I seek an audience outside of my area.
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