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I am a young artist who has lived in San Diego, CA all my life. Growing up I have always been passionate about art. I started drawing at a young age. Most of my family has a very artist touch and thankfully I feel they have passed it down to me. I am very inspired through living here in San Diego because I have so much that can use in my art work. I have recently graduated with my associates in art. I have worked with many materials such as oil, acrylic, and watercolors to clay, plaster, conte crayons and your basic piece of charcoal. At first I enjoyed painting mountains and waterfalls and a lot of nature scenes, but know I tend to either draw very abstract designs to pictures that have a very solid meaning. I find a lot of my pictures to be more on the dark side I guess you can say I'm very attracted to more dark reality images than bright happy flowers, but in all I'm very proud of some of the pieces I have created and I'm very excited for future pieces I will create.
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