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Signs that apear in my works come from my imagination.When being enchanted by nature I synthesize this world and portray it in the form of imaginary symbols.Among sings that I use there are ones that may be explained in relation to Christian,Egyptian or Greek symbology-symbol of fish,eye or wings;but also those that bear no relation to concrete forms-abstract symbols composing specific,complex systems like archaic,ideografic scriptures.
those signs are not symbols that should be directly read,they rather represent sings that are riddles tempting viewer's imagination.They lead back to ancient mystique but without the signposts.

Kasia Blekiewicz

Iwas born in 1972,Gdansk,Poland.In 1999I completed my studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk and obtained a Masters Degree in Painting in professor Maciej Swieszewski's atelier.
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