Katherine McLean

Women searching for truth
© 2018 Katherine McLean

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Katherine is a local Powell River artist and educator with over twenty years experience inspiring
children through her innovative teaching methods, creative spaces, appreciation of natural
materials and keen eye.

Her art mirrors the sweeping vistas and landscapes of the Pacific Coast and its inhabitants in the
minutia of found objects of nature. Katherine's contemplative work reflects the beauty, richness,
life, and story of our landscapes and mindscapes.

It reminds us to be in the present moment. It is her belief that in comming to understand and
appreciate nature, we come to understand ourselves differently and know that we are all of the

She is currently working on abstract mixed media using found objects from everyday life. She
enjoys experimenting with abstract images using textured handmade paper, bits of patenated
copper, calligraphy letters, rolled paper, and other materials.

Much of her work has a very asian feel.

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