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I started dabbling in digital artwork on, of all things, a Commodore 64 in 1986. I soon graduated to the Amiga and Electronic Arts "D-Paint." This was a very intuitive program in it's day, but the resolution left me with rather rough product. When Commodore went under, I moved to the PC, but I did'nt discover MetaCreations Painter until 1997 and I was still using my mouse to paint with, not a Graphics Tablet and Pen, which I started to use in 1998.

I use the Natural Media functions provided by Corel Painter 6.1. In the picture I submitted, I was using Pastel Chalk. I use some digital manipulation to apply surface texture and add some elements to the picture. For example; I had painted the green bottles with the flowers and saved the image in a special Image Portfolio and added them to the picture by cutting and pasting. Mostly though, I treat my computer screen as a canvas and paint my pictures from the ground up.

My Art has improved over the years, and most recently I have been doing Portraits from photos. I have made small note-cards and had some success selling them.

I really enjoy what I do, I would love to find a way to,"market," my work, but don't exactly know how to start. I still would like to share what I have done, though, just because it's nice to have someone see the fruits of a labor of love.

The image I am submitting is a collage of three portraits of my grandchildren. They were taken at the hospital the day the baby (Kyle) was born. The blonde is his big sister and the other two little girls are his cousins. I was so lucky to capture this precious moment.

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