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As subjects, I am interested in nature, as well as old buildings - but I don't stop there. If something catches my eye - I attempt to make it last as long as I possibly can, by capturing it.

As a child I used to go with my father on his side trips aka/photo shoots, and I would watch in amazement in the darkroom as his creations appeared. I sometimes would act as a model, though I never liked that much.

My love for photography hide away for many years, other than odd shots of my sons growing up, etc. When I decided I should go to college, as an adult student, and many interests I had locked away resurfaced. My desire for a decent camera, and some real hands on learning were soon appeased. I took a few classes, which I really enjoyed - and I learned new things! I purchased my first "real camera" - an old Minolta (manuel) 35 mm, second hand (oh, the finances of a college student!) from one of my professors "connections" and I was set. Now I work fulltime, and am still raising one of my two sons. (One has to love those teen age years...)

I have been using film like crazy since 1998 - and I also love to play in Photoshop. I can take a normal photo and turn it into something very different. I now have a newer Minolta and several lenses and filters - and I hope that my images appeal to many.
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