Ken Christian

The Repeater, Watercolor, 77 x 57 cm
© 2018 Ken Christian

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I am a mechanical engineer by education, a tool maker by trade, a sailor and traveler by yearning and an artist by passion. Those are not my boundaries but the focal length of the glasses from which I see the world. This shows in my many styles and artistic creations. I enjoy variety. However, I have painted several serious portraits in oil and watercolor and each one has been a tremendous pleasure and success in its own way. I started drawing and painting in college as a relief from the intensity of engineering studies. My teacher told me “Have you considered an art career? You really should …” I chose the challenges of engineering but did not stop painting. My first oil paining took honorable mention at the Orange County Fair and I have been painting ever since. Working as a full time engineer took much of my time after college thus, I only painted a few paintings over those years. Since 2000 I have been traveling and living in Europe and the number of works I have done since then are many. I am actively painting, honing my skills, discovering what is hidden in my tubes of paint and seeking that place in the art world that I can call my own.
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