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Ken Hood is a life long artist. He worships his beautiful wife Christie
and they reside in Northern California. Using only the software he can
afford, he loves to make graphic art on Bryce 3, Corel 8, and Paintshop
Pro 6 while he dreams of the day when he can get his hands on Poser, 3D
Max, Photoshop and others.

His other interests include his family; Christ; Coast to Coast AM; any-
thing digital; backpacking and the woods; sweatlodge; and the paranormal
especially UFO's.

The former owner of a 20 year Sign and Mural business, Ken now helps
At-Risk teenagers as the teacher of a Resource Specialist Class at an
alternative high school.

Utilizing a variety of art mediums, Ken creates with charcoal, colored
pencils, chalk pastels, oil enamel, airbrush, tye dye, batik and "just
about anything else he can get his hands on". Specializing in hand
painted murals, he is talented in the dying art of brush pinstriping and

He maintains a unique philosophy that all art should bring you closer to
God in some way and hopes his art will perhaps relax you or bring about
strange memories of your more expanded relationship with the universe.
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