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Keren SouzaKohn graduated from the Ravensbourne Colllege of Art and has since been exhibiting her prints, drawings, watercolours and oils widely, both in London and internationally.
Her work references amongst others that of El Greco, Titian, Rembrandt, Goya, Matisse, Hilton, Eva Hesse, Sandra Blow and Philip Guston.
Keren is the daughter of the late Francis Newton Souza. Aware of her heritage she is able to forge new ground, speaking a new beguiling but poignant Language of our time. She is interested in abstracted figuration, in the co-existence of divinity within our physical planet. Her love of colour is evident. Hot, spicy or cool. A juxtaposition of the unexpected produces dramatic composition with a strong narrative, sometimes subliminal, sometimes overt, obvious and for the taking.
Dreams and journeys, moments seen and caught, sometimes struggling to emerge, revisited through further drawings and paintings.
(as featured on Granta Fine Art Website)
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