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" THE HAND OF GOD " sale Price $150.00 16 X 20. Artwork 18 X 24 "
on canvas is $475.00.
And a 16 x 20 color poster print is $80.00: Contact creator Kevin Curtis
Barr at (513) 546=2537 (cel) / 241-1160 (hm) 405 Broadway Street Suite 900,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Email: Now also featured on
" are both seeking international publication. (513) 546-2537 (cel) / 241-
1160 (hm): A receipt is kept from all sells.
Royalities due to any celebrity (many of their pics here aren't for sale)
are handled through a third party. / Feel free to contact me for
contracting any image or cartoon character from: " The Royal Brigade, " "
King Merlin And The Rapp Lords, " " Sally Goth, " or " Blacks From The Hood
" who all now awaits your arrival. Thanks to every buyer as this series of
178 unframed digital images being sold, does come with an extra 8.5 x 11
signed print mentioning the buyer (who can pay by Paypal through my
Studios' connection found below): Prins sized 8.5 x 11 priced at $19.00
each. Prints sized 11 x 17 priced at $34.00 each. Prints sized 16 x 20
priced at $60.00 each and prints sized: 32 x 40 priced at $110.00 each.
All come Mailed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Plus all shipping is
free / A Special order for larger prints: Please send no personal checks.
Make all payments out to Mr. Kevin Curtis Barr and mailed to 405 Broadway
Street, Ste. 900, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (513) 546-2537 in home office.
Allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery: White T-Shirts $20.00 each
(orders no less than 100 filled). The following statement comes from myself
Mr. Kevin Curtis Barr who's also a music publisher with Ascap & BMI: I love
to create digital images who can be emailed at / The newest book I have out is titled "Welcome To The
Graphic Design Age." This book features art and poetry; within it's pages
are poems about Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana and legendary
songstress Chaka Khan. The art centers around Hollywood stars like Tina
Turner, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Vin Diesel to name but a few. My
Book can be ordered from bookstore/search (Kevin Curtis
Barr) or call 1-888-795-4274. Father God Jehovah and Jesus Christ, Amen and
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