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Khalid Al Tahmazi was born in Muharraq city, Kingdom of Bahrain in 1970 and started practicing art in his earlier childhood that he spent in Bahrain, Egypt and United Kingdom. In 1989 he accomplished his degree in computer science in Amman, Jordan and studied art by some well-known local artists at the Bahrain Arts Society where he became a member of, in 1990.

The major characteristic of Al-Tahmaziís artwork is the combination of figuration and abstraction, while woman figures have been major objects in his art since the earlier stages in his style, and later he tended towards more conceptual abstraction forming neo expressionism style.

The artworks of Khalid Al Tahmazi have been exhibited as solo and group exhibits in Bahrain National Museum, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran, Arabic World Institute in Paris, National Art Museum in Jordan, Pacific Cultural Foundation in Taipei and in many other galleries in Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and in the United Arab Emirates. He has awarded couple of prizes in his artistic career such as, the 1ts prize in the 9th art exhibition for the youth artists of the GCC, 1993, a prize in 26th Bahrain National Arts Exhibition, 1997, the 4th prize of the Ibiza International Art Competition 2001, and a prize in the second International Islamic Art Biennial in Tehran 2002.
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