Kim Castor

I first was interested in art in high school, i entered a few contests for which i recieved and honorable mention at a state contest, with a mobile built from yarn and hangers incorporating rug ties. I also won a local art when i was about 13 years old, it was a mural with finger paints of the virgin mary, Joesph and baby Jesus on red burlap, the Catholic chuch sponsered the show, i took first place and the mural was desplayed on many church altars for about 1 year. When i reached the age of about 26 i was growing more interested in painting, especially the wet on wet as seen on TV with Ross and Alezander, yet i wanted to paint my own feeling into the same style. I have painted more then 100 painting, have sold very few, 1 painting of a landscape which was 24x36 was sold for $800.00 and a collection of 5 various size painting sold to a resort names Hillwinds in Franconia, NH for about $600.00. The sale came about when i worked there as a chef and displayed many of my painting there and 1 was stolen of a ship at a dock. After i left there, they decided they liked them so much that they bought them. Over the years i painted mainly landscapes, i did a few flower paintings for fun! and painted a few religous paintings, 1 of the last supper, witht he difference being that jesus sat alone at the table by himself.

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