Kim Mulligan

MIlk Thistle
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Creating art has been my love and joy since I can remember. Nature is the force behind much of my work and flowers and animals are among my favorite subjects. I work mainly in watercolor, but not exclusively. I enjoy the challenge of commissions to paint or draw portraits of people, animals or homes. I am intrigued by mosaic and have begun to produce them as well. I have a bachelorís degree in fine art and education. As an art teacher, I enjoy the challenge of inspiring children to use different media and generate exciting ideas.
As I walk through my garden or take a walk in the woods, every leaf, every shadow, every sparkle of sunshine captures my attention. I focus on the details in nature: the patterns made of sun and shadow falling across the textures of a flower. I am energized by what I see. These are my joys. I capture them in my memory, on film and then with paint. And now I would like to share them with you. Please come in and view my treasures of nature!

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