Kimberly Graham

A Moment of Peace
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Kimberly has a background in graphic design and marketing as well as fine arts. She enjoys creating unique artwork in all mediums. Her artwork has a wide variety of subjects. The final result is dependant on the person or object, the mood, and the 'message' intended.

Kim's work is used for many types of marketing, including advertisements, associations, and books. Her wildlife paintings and illustrations have been used by Ducks Unlimited for fundraising and the Audobon Society for reference materials.

Currently illustrating books, Kim is now working with authors nation-wide to produce exactly what they desire. A few of the images used in the books were also printed as posters. One is viewed below. Others can be viewed at the link below.

Kimberly passed away on September 29, 2004 after an 8 year long battle with brain cancer. Through her art and love of family and animals, Kimberly made the world a more beautiful place.

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