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Who am I? A bored 17 year old Canadian living near Vancouver BC. Yep born and raised. I only started drawing when I was in grade 2 or three, but I had drawn before. The first anime drawings I got into were in grade 3 or 4, it was none other than Sailor Moon. Eventually I lost the grasp on that series. But in grade seven and eight I began to watch other series and movies. With the help of my computer and the local video store I have watched alot of anime.
Once I got into high school (grade eight) I began to draw much more anime based drawings. I didn't know that I was soon to be obsessed with it. Now, I watch more anime than I sleep. I use my own style of drawing that is practically based on all the shows I've watched. I try new techniques and I also try to master some of my favourites. I am constanly trying to get ideas of what to draw. Almost all of my art are my own characters, thats why I run out of ideas. So I do what I want, I'm in grade 11 now and have been drawing anime (not sailor moon) for more than three year. And I love it.
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