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I am a photographer, mostly of landscapes, but other things too. I have been working on building websites based on artists to pull together many artists. It started with a desire to showcase my work, with a site called http://localartconnection.com to showcase upstate New York artists in 2001, once that started to work I expanded to create http://americanartconnection.com which is also doing very well at this point. I am listed in both site under the "Artists" sections as DayPhotograhy. My work alone can be seen at http://dayphotography.tripod.com/Bio.html I do research to find decent artists, ask them to join everything is free even being a featured artist is free, I only want to make the experience of viewing the site better for visitors. I also do research to get the site and all of the work contained in the site listed so that we gain viewers. So when your surfing and you find you want art to browse or if you think you'd like to be listed please visit us at http://www.americanartconnection.com . Good amount of visitors.
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