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Web site for LJ Lindhurst, a Brooklyn-based photorealistic painter.

Visitors to ljlindhurst.com get more than just a standard artist-portfolio Web site. The site, a
showcase for Brooklyn photorealist painter LJ Lindhurst, allows visitors to visit paintings in all
stages of their progress, and get a glimpse inside the creative process.

The often trial-and-error path of creation is documented step-by-step in the “progressions”
section of the site (http://wwww.ljlindhurst.com/progressions.html ). Here visitors can click
through dated photographic slide shows of paintings as they progress from blank canvas to
finished work. The experience is both educational and entertaining, as you witness shifts in
placement, color, and the inevitable manipulation and editing of the images.

"Right Now" offers a glimpse inside the artist’s studio itself, as current work is discussed and
future work is planned. All current works-in-progress are documented photographically in their
most current states, and one can even view an up-to-date photo of the studio workspace itself
(normally taken within the last 72 hours).

Ljlindhurst.com reaches beyond the limitations of the normal online artist portfolio to provide a
rich experience for the viewer; it is the virtual equivalent of a studio tour, where you can not only
see the artist’s most recent work in progress, but also observe the creative process in motion.
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