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Lance Sero 2000/01

Phone: 905 450 6469
705-22 Beech Street, Brampton Ontario, L6V 4J6
E-mail: lance@plumesociety.com Web: www.plumesociety.com

Work Experience, Clients and Internships.

Digital Art Exhibit Curator
Osgoode Museum Hall, Law Society Of Upper Canada
City Hall Rotunda Toronto

Director: John Firman or, Mae Maracle: 416 392-7544 or, 416 947 3989 City Hall
Director: Margaret Froh: 416 947 3989 Law Society
Launch Date: June, 4 2001

Multi-Media Website Designer & Curator for, the 2001 National Aboriginal Day Celebrations. Acquisition of 21 Visual & Performing Artists of various Indigenous Nations, showcasing their latest works of art in Gallery and Stage settings.

Website Designer Developer
Native Earth Performing Arts Inc. Toronto Canada

Director: Alanis King 416 531 4525
Launch date: May 24, 2001

Worked with the production crew in the gathering of text, photographic and video materials for the play: ˇ§Annie Maeˇ¦s Movementˇ¨, which were later digitized and presented on the web. Trained staff in new HTML developments and features, demonstrated access to the Website, (to internal and external audiences) to encourage the use of the Website, as well as the contribution of materials to the site.

Web Designer - Instructor
Center of Indigenous Theatre Toronto, Canada

Supervisor: Bruce Chown 416 506 9436

Mentored staff throughout the creation process of CIT website. Provided four staff members with internships to
web-site maintenance and interface design.

Digital Media - Instructor
Native Skills Center Toronto, Canada

Supervisor: Leslie McGregor 416 581 1392

Designed program of studies for ˇ§Photoshop and the Internetˇ¨. Fifteen students were instructed basic, and intermediate levels of Adobe Photoshop. They were also shown how to author pages to accompany images created.
Skills, Strengths and Other Qualifications
#1. Web Design: Knowledge of the conventions and practices of editing, page layout and design. The Internet is a quickly changing medium with thousands of associated technologies. Subtle nuances in programming and design can make a world of difference on a Website. Understanding these technologies and their relationships to the Internet is key to my efforts to help you stay technologically current. Through the best Internet publications, both on-line and in print, I investigate and test the newest breakthroughs in Internet technology. I seize the initiative to explore and recommend ways of improving the effectiveness of Websites and of making the user interface more inviting. „h I work on all operating systems: Macintosh, DOS, UNIX, MS-Windows, Windows 95 and NT. Familiar with compatibility and cross-platform issues.„h I have a complete understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (up to and including versions 4.0) and can produce advanced DHTML constructs including, but not limited to, frames, forms, tables, navigational aids, image maps, and streaming video clips. „h I can offer you a creative ability to manipulate Adobe PhotoShop; Adobe Premiere; Adobe Illustrator, GIF Builder; Word, 3D Studio Max, SE 16 and Deck 2 Sound editors, Flash and other various Macromedia.

#2. Creative Arts & Design: Familiar with balancing intellectual and aesthetic concerns. In addition to my formal education in art, art history and design, I can also draw an informed sense of inspiration while designing websites from the following valuable/practical experiences of working within the art field:„h Artists Network DevelopmentIn planning stages to produce a digital association to assist artists in their development and exposure as professionals or hobbyists. A digital network that is inclusive to all artists related to the arts industry.„h Digital VideoAs a computer-arts designer where would a site be without video and the means to publish on the world wide web?„h AnimationInfluenced to the animated world of digital media especially for its educative qualities to an artist in completing the expression of his or her work. „h Art Education„h International Academy of Design Digital Media Program Toronto, Canada.„h Humber College Metal Arts Program Toronto, Canada.
#3. Professional Creative Content Development:Knowledge of the tools and processes used in the production and management of World Wide Web sites. Custom graphics and animation alone do not make a Website successful. Content is what interests visitors and content is also what keeps them returning. I can translate your text, newscasts and Video into online-friendly documents.„h Through my extensive marketing/writing experience I can successfully promote your Websiteˇ¦s presence: I can register your site with the best search engines.„h Although much of my work is done alone, gazing into a computer screen, I am a person who enjoys collaborating with the entire team. In addition to offering strong technical expertise, professional work habits, and good written and oral communication skills, I also exude a refreshing sense of humor and team spirit.„h I demonstrate ingenuity and resourcefulness in approaching assignments and problems. I effectively use traditional and nontraditional approaches to problems and projects. I possess excellent time management skills and can meet stringent deadlines. I am a strategic thinker who can handle multiple projects simultaneously.


International Academy of Design 1997
Digital Media Program: Interested in the interface between traditional arts and various computer software, while at the Academy I experimented with digital imaging, typography, desktop publishing, computer-aided mosaic design, and Internet site exploration and development. Pushed myself to grow as an artist. Understood how the Web was a new medium with a message.

Humber College 1979-83
Metal Arts Program: Formal four year arts study of gold and silversmithing, Trained under internationally known Goldsmith Master; Hero Kielman. Other studies included were: psychology, sociology, art history, modern cultures, business administration, and photography.


„h Canadaˇ¦s Representative in the World Craft Festival in conjunction with Worlds Expo New Orleans LA.

„h National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Scholarship 2000

„h Best Artisan Award for two consecutive years at International Festival Of Friends Hamilton Ontario

„h Halton/Peel District Health Council representative for cultural diversity in hospitals

„h Producer of Aboriginal Voices Fashion Show Toronto Harbourfront

„h Canadian Citizen (of English/ Mohawk descent) Tyendinaga

„h Hobbies and interests include: collecting rare print media, photography, carpentry, electrical, musical instruments.

„h Father of three children aged: 20, 13, and 10

„h Born November 30, 1958

Artistˇ¦s statement ˇK

"My life as an artist has taught me several things over the years and one of the most significant realizations is that, we can never really get enough of life itself. In many ways, this seems to be what artists are commonly expressing."


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