Lacey Stinson

Peace (the complete failure of hatred)
© 2017 Lacey Stinson

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A Louisiana Artist, living in a small town now crowded with darting metal carriages and petty filled potholes. Painting is old. Its modern replacements threaten to eradicate the beauty, luster, and scarcity of the painting artifact. New or old, painting should be more than mere imagery; but it should be more than just paint. Some of these, some of mine, are as prototypes of well-developed theories; others express the flawed nature of modern commerce by drawing upon high ideals, but screwing with it somehow to make unintentional and careless craftsmanship fashionable. I hold low regard for the latter when presented as 'developed'. As theory, it is genuinely hoped we will always discover undeveloped regions, thereby to believe in an endless and boundless soul.

Most recently exhibited at the 2003 Florence Biennale -
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