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Navajo Indian fine arts photographer, LeRoy DeJolie, is renowned for his exquisite images of Northern Arizonaís most remote plateau landscape. Growing up surrounded by the immense open sky and windswept plains of the Navajo Reservation, DeJolie's photography reveals his fervent sensitivity to his heritage and captures powerful images of the landscapes and people of Navajolands.

LeRoy DeJolieís lifelong romance with the majestic beauty of his homeland is aptly illustrated in the exquisite images he has captured using his 4 X 5 Wista Wood Field and his 8 X 10 Deardorff cameras. Whether he has preserved the silky texture found on the fragile surface of a shifting sand dune or caught the ethereal sense of peace within the cathedral light of the slot canyons, his photographs evoke an appreciation from deep within the viewer.

His award-winning nature and landscape work has been widely exhibited, published and collected for the past twenty years. LeRoy is an instructor with the Friends of Arizona Highways Photography Workshops and NavajoLand Images Photography Workshops and was recently featured in a PBS broadcast special, Images of Arizona with fellow photographers, Jack Dykinga and David Muench. Publications include, Arizona Highways magazine, Native Peoples magazine, New Mexico magazine, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Examiner, Readerís Digest, American Park Network and Time-Life Books. LeRoy provided the official photography and promotional images for the Navajo Nationís, Salt Lake City 2002 Cultural Olympiad exhibition. Exhibitions include the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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