Leila Akhmet-Othman

Space Butterfly
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Leila Akhmet-Othman

1998 - MFA, Kazakh National Art Academy, graphic design,
graduated with honors
1992 – BFA, Kazakh State College of Art, painting, graduated with honors
Professional Affiliations:
2003-2004 - Lecturer. "School plus" USA, Seattle
1998-2003 - Lecturer. Kazakh National Art Academy
2001 - First premium laureate of the International Festival of
Creative Youth “Shabyt 2001”
2000 - Diploma, International Festival of Young Artist “Zhyger 2000” 1999 – Member of association of Kazakhstan Painters
Personal Exhibitions: 2006 – “Songs of the roads” Moscow, Russia, Manegh – Central House of Artist and Museum of Orientals Arts
2006 – “Perpetual Motion” Seoul, South Korea – gallery Lotte 2005 – “Aquarius Era” Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Turkey – Central Turkish Museum 2005 – “Variants of the Universe” Kasteev's Kazakh State Museum of Art. Almaty, Kazakhstan 2005 – “Mystery of Eternity” Seattle, WA – Artists Gallery of Seattle
2002 - “Hello-Goodbye”. Kasteev's Kazakh State Museum of Art.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
2005 - Charity auction “Poncho”for development and support of
arts, USA, Seattle
2003 - Exhibition of Asian Arts and Textiles. Paris, France
2003 - “Kaleidoscope of Times”, Moscow, Russia 1996-2005 Participation in various Kazakhstan and International group exhibitions
Museum & private collections:
Kasteev's Kazakh State Museum of Art. Almaty, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Canada, Philippines,
Syria, France, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, England

Biography: Leila Akhmet-Othman was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan. From early age she was interested in art: paintings, sculpture, drawings, etc. She obtained her BFA degree in painting from the Kazakh State College of Arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan with honors. In 1998 she graduated from the Kazakh State Art Academy with major in graphic design. Upon completion her studies she received the premium for the best degree project. In 2003 Leila has moved to the USA and now she is trying to introduce her art to the American public. In her early works, Leila was seeking her inspiration in myths. It is not just appeal to stories and character of different mythologies, but also an attempt to implant into their emotional-profound tissue. Leila energizes from the Universe, Space, Water, and Nature and then reflects connection between the realities and metamorphoses in her art works. Leila’s art world is full of sounds of ocean, violins, beautiful dreams and adventures.

Personal Statement: I would like to introduce a new style of art called the “Gobelen” and contemporary Tapestry". In order to make a gobelen, first I paint an image by using either watercolor, acrylic, oil, or gouache. After that, I transfer every color and little detail into a weave like tapestry using wool, cotton, acryl and silk threads. In my work I use an ancient technique to weave, where every single step is manual and done on an old handmade wooden frame like machine. It takes between 1-6 months to complete one gobelen depending on the complexity of the details and the size.
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