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Leonid Altshuler
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Bio and Artist Statement added by Richard Beau Lieu & Associates Fine Art Appraisers:

Art is an expression of ones inter most self. Self-expression frees the soul and allows it to soar beyond the common place which in turn bring about true creativity. My painting come about fast and furiously which I attribute to the theory of left to right brain transformation. My background and education have brought me to a point of being able to paint without boundaries. I see a world of abstract shapes and color and interpret my vision on canvas. In some cases my work has a degree of spirituality while other times it can be representational but always you can read into my symbolic nature and the clues I paints into my work.

Leonid Altshuler was born in St Petersburg, Russia, where he grew up and completed medical school.
Leonid developed a passion for expressing himself through painting with acrylics. He relates it to his trip to Siberia, where he visited a scientific center that investigates how Kozirev mirrors can influence human perception of space and time. There he participated personally in the research conducted by prominent Russian physicists. This experience stimulated his creativity.
Veteran artists praise Leonidís painting, which are abstract expressionist works of breathtaking, vibrant colors conveying deep meaning. His art has a cosmic effect on the viewer, causing immediate emotional engagement as well as an intellectual response. Once captivated by the energy of the canvas, the colors and symbols take on energy of their own. The prints are thought provoking and compelling. The originals are available at exceptional value through the artist
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