Leyla Murr

Waiting for Dawn
© 2018 Leyla Murr

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The stylistically diverse and visually powerful paintings of Leyla Murr reflect the artist’s intuitive process and emotional involvement in the production of each work. Working in both total abstraction and abstracted representation, Murr imparts her distinctive color pallet and dynamic hand to a variety of subjects including geometric shapes, human figures, windswept landscapes, and still lifes. As a primarily self taught artist, Murr paints from emotional impulse and an innate artistic spirit which guides each stroke of her brush. In following her artistic urges, Murr transforms the blank canvas into a colorful and texturally rich illustration of her psychological landscape. Although her work is undoubtedly personal and reflective or her individually honed style, it also evidences an informed understanding of art and art history, as many of her paintings recall masterpieces by artists like Paul Cézanne, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Leyla Murr lives and works in the United Kingdom.
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