Lia Tejera

"Cielos del Palmar Entrerriano"
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Lia Gabriela Tejera de Garat was born in the city of San Salvador, province of Entre Rios in Argentina on February 4, 1945. She became an elementary school teacher in the city of Concepcion del Uruguay in the province of Entre Rios in Argentina. She then continued her education in odontoly at the Universidad National de Rosario in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina.
Extremely tallented in the arts she persued extensive art training from the following prestegious artists and architects: 'Estudios de Pintura' with Sandra Bonnin; 'Concurrencia al Taller' from Valeria Marasco; 'Clases de artes Visuales' with Mariela Rey; 'Tecnicas de la Expresion y Practica Instrumental' with Elena Acquarone (Architect); Numero de Oro and 'Practica de Pintura Acrilica'(1998 through 2001) with Elena Acquarone (Architect)
Lia has been exhibiting her art since 1997 in different galleries individually or collectively in Argentina.
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