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Line Brunelle was born in Montréal. As a child, she was interested in arts (drawing, colours, dance and music). Considering painting as a privileged way to be world-opened, she decided, as a teenager, to become a painter. She completed CEGEP, with a Fine Arts specialization. She then got a Degree in Graphic Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
Line Brunelle has explored many mediums during her training, but, now, the artist favours painting (oil), which she considers as the best way to express her creation urge.

Line Brunelle's work is figurative. She paints landscapes, urban scenes, flowers and still lives. Her paintings are a contemporary look on history, humanity and society. Her paintings are more than a reproduction of reality. The works are invitations to travel and poetic reflection. It had been said the artist is "a visionary painter who expresses joy".

In her works, we detect the influence of her music training: her compositions are harmonious, her colours are tender and refined. Line Brunelle wants her paintings to be a direct link towards delighting emotions and hope.

Her creations are hymns to the beauty of life. The characteristics of her style are a dynamic and rhythmic brush stroke that gives birth to an explosion of small spots of juxtaposed colours. The modulations of tints accentuate the movement of the time going on. In front of our eyes, forms seem to move constantly.

Lovers of arts and collectors appreciate the emotion that she communicates through her brush. They could admire and acquire her paintings at the time of exhibitions in art galleries, museums, cultural centers in Canada, United-States and Europe. Her works can be found in many privates and corporatives collections around the world. She has received prices for the quality and the originality of her paintings.

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