It's Ryx as young and to left an Indian who can magic. The Indian gives Ryx three black/red stripes because the Gods first would have Ryx to be a tiger but when he's born he's a lion. They sayed to the Indian that he should magic Ryx to a tiger!
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I'm a 14 years old girl and come from Denmark.
I'm a school-pupil.
I'm a big fan of The Lion King (and of Power Rangers and Linie 3).

I love to draw anything - as Disney movies, animals, human beings and landscapes.
When I draw I use things as water-colors, pencils and computer-colors.
I draw pictures with the computer-mouse (NOT hand-drawn) too - It's really funny but it takes long time!
When it's the computer I use, I use programs as Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Image Ready 2.0 and Paint.

You can see more of my art on this address:

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