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Lino Budano, born in Forlì (ITALY) on 11.03.52. A Medicine and Surgery Graduate.
In my works of art I use various materials and mix tradition with innovation dexterity with technology.
For some years now I have experimenting new expressions by creating sculptures of chalk, cloth, copper, aluminium, polyurethane, plastic, silicone and with the aid of a computer I create digital images, videoclips which I then project onto the same sculptures.
The latter meets my imperfect personal aesthetics, purposely imperfect, unsound, without doubt different to average standards.
My work encounters a total expression which involves all my experiences of life an as an artist; contains my obsession, the change which occurs inside of us, both psychic and physical, genetical manipolation, internet, new science barriers, my love for the music of Ornette Coleman, Keith Tippett, Giorgy Ligeti, George Crumb, for the cinema of Cronemberg, Greenaway, Kubrik; for the Italian ’Barocco’, Caravaggio, Bernini, Bacon and my 10 years of activity as a surgeon.
The above is a source of my VIDEOSCULPTURES,(terminology coined to distinguish myself from videoinstallations) , which are other than a lengthening, a completion of the sculptures which now adopt movement, sound and dynamics to better express the metamorphosis which occur inside us.
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