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Personal experience and a longing desire determine the themes of my images. The images consist mainly of what I refer to as life's most precious gift: children. Through these images I have explored themes such as: Children are like puzzles, The way children learn, and Children's dreams. I have also incorporated the way I understand them through evaluation and research. The way I choose to photograph them, either digitally and/or traditionally, is determined by their theme.

During my childhood, my father always claimed that he wished he had the money I spent on film, as he could have retired at an early age. In high school, I excelled in my keyboarding classes as well as the basic computer classes that were offered. Math was easy for me. My parents encouraged me to continue in the computer field. Like most people attending college, my knowledge has expanded and my life has changed in many ways. I want to continue to utilize my computer skills, but I would also like to be able to combine that with my love for photography. I believe that I can demonstrate these skills through digital imaging.

The inspiration behind my work comes from the children that surround me. I love to watch my relatives' children and the children in my neighborhood. I also have a desire to have a child myself, but am unable to because of medical reasons. For these reasons, I continue to photograph children as it is their curiosity, as well as my own, that stimulate me to do my work.

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