Lisa Ingrey

Wild above me
© 2018 Lisa Ingrey

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I am an artist working mostly in Acrylic and Oils.I love to explore both color and texture,and my work shows an interaction between the many layers of different materials,and rich,soft colors. I trained at the Parsons School of Design in NYC,and University of the Arts,London.
As a contemporary artist focusing on non-objective painting, it is not my intention to create an abstraction of a physical subject.
The meaning of my work is not to be found in trying to pin down a subject from the physical world.
I would like the viewer to let himself respond emotionally to the abstract shapes, expressionist colors, and textures as well as to the way these elements are united and connected to each other.

When looking at abstract art, especially non-objective art, the viewer must be prepared to leave the objective, material world and enter the world of the artwork.
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