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Gravity Well
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Lisa Reinke is inspired by the human face. She creates fun, vibrantly
colored figurative and portrait paintings in oils. Her paintings
interpret the interplay of patterns and textures that occur haphazardly
on the faces of people or figures in a crowd. Lisa weaves these
patterns into her paintings with unreal color, repetition, lines and shape.
Her style is influenced by the Fauvist, German Expressionist and
Die Brücke artists of the early twentieth century, who used unreal and
unusual color combinations, patterned brushstrokes and flat areas of
pure color. Comic books and pottery from Guerrero, Mexico are also
favorites. Although attracted to and influenced by these styles, Lisa’s
artwork is her own and reflects her human-centric vision which is
mentally enhanced with color and pattern plays.

Lisa Reinke began drawing and painting the human figure in the 1980's
as a young teenager. Humans have always been her favorite subject.
Her passion earned her a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado
State University and a minor in Art History. After several years spent in
graphic design for screen printing, she abandoned the art profession in
exchange for a biotechnology profession. However, what she loved
about her art crystallized during this time. Hundreds of paintings of
coworkers and friends were visualized with no time to paint them. Her
stylistic vision emerged from these unpainted works. Lisa has now
immersed herself back in her passion of painting, dedicated to exploring
her vision of the human face and patterns in a crowd.

Lisa hopes her art inspires viewers to look around and see faces as a
vibrant and exciting canvas where the most amazing patterns are on
display all the time! She invites you to read her online art journal
regularly for a more intimate view of the artist and her work.
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