Lorn R. Marshall

Stained Glass
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Lorn R. Marshall is an old artist, craftsman, inventor, guru, and gizmo maker, up-rooted from the heartland of mid 60's California and transplanted to amuse and disturb the "Old South". Seeking to utilize his left-over glass to its fullest potential, he created the "Light Opera Wind Chime"

In the early 70's he designed the solid brass frame for our chime, and by the mid 80's he was granted copyright for the same. Soon he had used all his leftover glass as well as the leftovers from most of the other studios in the Carolinas. In order to keep supplying shops and customers, he was forced to cut his chime shapes from full sheets of glass. The leftover glass is now being recycled into all purpose "Beach Glass".

This is when he developed the current line of colors and sizes, 26 color combinations and three sizes. He recruited and trained a few good hands to assist him and got really serious about supplying a few select shops in the USA as well as the general public with an innovative item.
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