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Throw It Up To The Wind
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MrLou has written poetry most of his life, and with the development of the internet, he wanted to
put images to his poetry to present it on the new medium.
MrLou focused the years from 1996-2013 defining, practicing, and honing his skills as a digital
artist. While exploring studies in law, and working part-time at PhinneyStoltz, Ltd. Co.. Along
the way, using his knowledge of design from his AA as an interior designer, coupled with his
intrinsic understanding of color, he created a new and intriguing art form he simply understands
as abstract realism digital paintings.
By mixing photographs through the technology of the computer, spinning color, imagination, and
a heaping dose of abstract expressionistic wizardry, MrLou creates work that is cutting edge,
thought provoking and withstanding the ability to seem new each time you look at one of his
pieces, but do not think that this artist's creativity is limited to working with photographs.
MrLou is able to create amazing work just by opening the paint program and making the color
move using many of the same techniques any canvas painter might use. MrLou is an abstract
expressionistic virtuoso.
The correlation of the art has been the creation of MrLouís Art; a
company that currently is able to reproduce the artistís art as fine art prints and unique gifts!
Visit mrlousart.com to find an extensive offering of the artistís work.
MrLou lives in Florida with his spouse Cliff. Together for twenty-nine years as of twenty-
fourteen, it was time to bring forward the work forged from this family foundation. Cliff and Lou
live with Charlie the Bird, as well as a wonderful pack of five basenji dogs: in order of age: Rita,
Oliver, Lily, Emily and Abigail.
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