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Girl in the Lily
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Working from his studios in both Toulouse, France, and Bangkok, Thailand,under the name of Belami Art, Luc Moreau creates luscious, erotic and sensual paintings of both male and female figures. His paintings reflect the deeper power of beauty, and go beyond the surface gloss of popular culture. His works are world-class and of the highest standard.

Working quite deliberately in the portrayal of the human form, Moreau details with exquisite tenderness and unblinking bluntness, the perfection and symmetry of both the male and female body. His paintings capture the sensuality, delicacy and languid grace hidden in all of us, and are deliciously seductive and tantalising.

With his fine attention to detail, perfect proportion and perspective, Moreau creates images that you just want to reach out and touch. Frontal nudity in art, particularly of the male, is still taboo in some societies, but Moreau makes no distinction here and realistically portrays both sexes in a sensitive and realistic way. The viewer is faced with the bare, honest beauty of the human form.

Moreau's abstracts, with evocative and boldly painted surfaces, undulate in seemingly optical vibrations of vibrant colours. Many of his abstracts include the female form, as in "Dark Beauty", "Valkyrie" and "Black Belle". Colour and form is used as the catalyst to draw the viewer in and on to a journey that invites one to participate in the self-discovery that unfolds.

Moreau sincerly hopes that you will enjoy his works of art and that you will derive inspiration and pleasure from viewing his paintings. If you wish to purchase an original, a Limited Edition, or Open Edition print, or commission your own piece, please contact the artist directly.

Moreau works only in oils, preferring this medium over all others, as it gives him the flexibilty and texture he seeks in his works. Paintings are created on canvas, wood or board. Moreau paints in both a Classic realism style and a Posterized style (which he varies to suit the subject) making creative use of vibrant and striking colours.

Whether you are a collector, corporate client, or private client, you will be able to find a piece that you will love. Whether you are interested in only Original paintings, Limited Edition Prints, or, Open Edition prints; you should be able to find that which you seek within the galleries of Belami Art. Whatever piece you select, you can be sure it will transform an area of your home or office, into something you can be truly proud of. With inexpensive, Open Edition prints, why not mix and match prints from one or more galleries, to create something really unique and special for you home or office?

All paintings are in oils, on either canvas or board. All Moreau paintings are created with just hand and eye and no digital or airbrushing enhancements are ever used.

Commission Your Own Painting
A photo captures a moment a moment in time. A painting turns it into a timeless and priceless treasure that you will cherish for many years to come. If you would like to commission a painting, please contact the artist.
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