Luke Ingram

Fidel ( From Fields ) 1998.
© 2018 Luke Ingram

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" My recent work stems from an equally strong background in both the visual arts and computer technologies.Photographic, printmaking and other traditional fine art techniques, materials and processes are repetitiously combined, layered and integrated with recently developed digital input and outputting methods. The formation of this hybrid media creates a striking depth that plays upon a backdrop of essentially minimal compositions that govern my work. A work is created, explored and processes often viciously repeated making way for an introspective statement of the works both by themselves and in the context of a series.

While owing their existence to a variety of established and experimental techniques, exhibition prints are often produced as an edition on a variety of large-format inkjet printers on selected papers. Special consideration is placed on the archival properties of what is today considered to be an emerging media. To date these works have been exhibited locally and interstate in a variety of different locations, including inner-city transport shelters, arcades and galleries.

Future directions will see these works among others appearing in a diverse range of locations around the Australia and overseas.

Please feel free to contact me ( )if you have any questions, comments or wish to further discuss my work. "

Luke Ingram, 2000
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