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NEWS: I will be having a large solo show of abstract paintings at the Alfred Van Loen Gallery in S. Huntington, New York, in February, 2008...I have an image accepted into "The Art of Digital Imagery," the Center for Fine Art Photography show in Fort Collins, CO, in June, 2007. Only 50 photographers out of 300 had their work accepted. The show will also be online at the C4FAP website, which I will post...I have four paintings in Art Addiction's Medial 2. Art Biennial online show, and will post the link when the exhibit is posted...The jury of the FLORENCE BIENNALE has invited me to show my work at the December, 2007 event in Florence...Don Archer of MOCA has posted some of my images in a Guest Gallery. The Museum of Computer Art is "a nonprofit educational corporation chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York," and is one of the most respected computer art museums on the Web...Read what Chris Dunmire, publisher of "Creativity Portal," has to say about my art and writing, on my "About" page at can read my thoughts on the creative process in articles at Creativity Portal. Links to these and to my other sites are on my page at article "Art and Power" was also published in a catalogue for a large art exhibition in India, as well as at the Painter's Keys website...You can see some of my work and the work of other WWAO artists at the award-winning Phoophie Tales website, a delightful site designed by KC Bauder, with scary stories and games for children.

Even as a child, I reveled in the beauty of nature. As an adult, I realize that my love of beauty has inspired my life. I celebrate the “ubiquitous beauties of the world” in my art.

Art is a visual syntax with its own imperatives. I enjoy contemplating where my eye enters a piece, how it moves through the composition, experiencing the structure and nuances as one would savor a sentence that is poetically wrought.

The richness and mystery of life have intrigued me since I was a child living in the Pennsylvania countryside. I found fascination in the sensuous beauty of the forests and rolling hills. My childlike kinesthetic sense eventually developed into an appreciation of form. Playing in the shadows under the sweet fronds of a cornfield, climbing trees as imposing as cathedrals, and wading through shimmering streams--all evoked the same pleasure as exploring a favorite playground. Through these early encounters with nature, I learned to love FORM for the pure joy of it!

Then I learned that the omnipresent and serendipitous beauty of the world was expressed in great works of art. From Beethoven symphonies to the paintings of Kandinsky and Klee and so many others, exuberance was the payoff, simply for the act of looking (or listening).

For me, the activity of creating art is an affirmation of life, a consciously nurtured jubilation in the miracle of form at all levels of the universe. The experience of "the grand mystery" delivers a feeling of elation based on the complex web of interrelationships on our planet. Pure joy.

Being involved in creative process has helped me to say "yes" to life. As a human being, I feel all the ageless and timeless doubts of the human condition. I feel doubts about the course of human events, the paths of governments and nations. I feel doubts about religion and doubts about Western medicine. Doubts about the nature of just about everything, including and not least, my own creativity.

But there's one thing I know for certain: doing art lifts me above doubt and despair and gives me indescribable joy. In my own creativity and in other's works, as well, I feel I see glimpses of something wonderful: it's what I like to think of as "the infinite potential of the universe." It manifests in little ways, in all of us! Especially when we create....

So regardless of the course my artistic journey may take, and regardless of whether my body of work will be judged to have some intrinsic meaning for one or more people, or perhaps none beyond my own subjectivity, I am deeply moved by and grateful for the experience of making art!

My gallery on my primary website ( features abstract paintings and digital art, followed by digital photography.

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