Lynette Charlie Despanza

Naked Jazz
© 2018 Lynette Charlie Despanza

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I am a self learned Creole Artist from New Orleans Loisiana. I lived abroad for over 15 years in Asia, Europe & the Middle East prefecting styles from different countries. I have been called an accomplished copier and Impressionistic Artist.My works have been displayed in Embassies, Galleries, Banks & private showing.My work is very vibrant and visually poetic like the music in my soul.I was diagnosed with Lupus Vasculitis/Cerebritis.I went through rehab for 2 years at different intervals.It was at this time my painting style changed ....just as I went through a metamorphasis; so did my Art.I have paintings that; I did with my left hand because my right side was incapacitated for nearly a year.I don't work any more. I paint and write poetry and short stories. The monies from the Art work goes to the Lupus Foundation, Breast Cancer Society, Arthritis Foundation and The Aids Foundation. I met so many beautiful people afflicted with these diseases ; that my heart ached for them. So I paint for them , to bring color where there is darkness.

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