Marc Kitaen

Breath of Life
© 2018 Marc Kitaen

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Artist Marc Kitaen has 18 years experience as a digital artist, graphic designer, painter, photographer, illustrator, and 3D mixed media sculptural relief's.

My artwork can be interpreted as conceptual, therapeutic, happy, peaceful, powerfully haunting, radiating spirituality, or transport you into a fantasy world.

Art themes available: Landscapes, botanical, ocean, wildlife, domestic pets (dogs, cats, birds, horses, and more), portraits of animals and people, fantasy, conceptual, spiritual, southwest, legacy memorials, therapeutic imagery, new nature look, abstract artwork and more.

Also featuring other artists artwork and collaborated projects, with their original watercolor paintings and photography. With Ellary Branden, (watercolor paintings), G. Brad Lewis (world famous volcano and nature photographer, AKA the "Volcano Man.") work with me on our collaborated art projects.
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