Marc Surrency

Roger E. Evans, oil on linen
© 2018 Marc Surrency

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Mr. Surrency has been painting and drawing his entire life. Son of renowned watercolorist Mal Surrency, Marc started exploring his father’s studio at an early age. At the age of 8, he entered his first art show; winning “Best of Show” among pieces entered by students more than 10 years his senior.

Marc went on to win numerous awards and recognitions and has represented the State of Florida in national competitions. His works have hung in the Florida State Capitol, as well as the U.S. Capital.

Although Marc has had the fortune of his father’s advice and artistic criticism, he is chiefly autodidactic, learning his craft by experimentation and observation. This independence is reflected in the style differences seen in paintings produced by Marc and his father. Although not an art major in college, to broaden his abilities in other media, he attended numerous art classes including sculpting and graphic design. From time to time Marc still attends art classes, finding that painting along side other artists sparks creativity.

Marc has been known chiefly for his watercolors of landscapes, seascapes, and figure studies. These works have earned numerous awards and received much praise.

Most recently, Marc has decided to focus most of his artistic talent to portraiture. He has always enjoyed drawing and painting figures and portraits. His appreciation for the human form was solidified in his early years by diving into books that fully illustrated the works of High Renaissance masters. Over the past ten years Marc has traveled throughout most of Europe. During his travels, he has been able to view many of the masters' works in person, which has allowed him to observe the subtle nuances in hues and values that film and prints are unable to capture and reproduce, as well as the masters’ application of the paint to canvas or board.

Although Marc is chiefly self-taught, he has always been interested in how other artists have handled media and the stability of the finished works. Growing up around galleries, he has been exposed to works in various states of deterioration due to experimental media or unstable substrates. In his profession as a document chemist, Marc understands the drying process of inks, paints, pigments, and dyes, and their interactions with the environment and the substrate to which they were applied. As a result, he ensures that his painting techniques and materials result in artwork that should last for centuries.
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