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Sense of Place
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Born and educated in Romania, Margit Hideg is a visual artist who works in a variety of media.

Margit moved to Canada in 1989. She graduated with Graphic Arts BFA (HON) Academy of Visual Arts, Romania. Since moving to Ottawa in 1993, she has participated in a number of solo and group shows. Her work has been displayed at the Museum of Civilization from Gatineau, Canadian Film Center Toronto, Praxis Gallery Toronto and Ottawa Art Gallery.

In 2002 she completed a six-month residency at Habitat, The Canadian Film Center, in Toronto. While there, Margit says she sought "new storytelling models for interactive art and media in a team–based facility." She also studied Art and Technology at the Banff School of Art and at the University of Ottawa.

Margit uses her latest series of artworks to show her belief that "in the life of illusionary realities which is created by new media, something is missing. The powers and limitations of computer technologies should be recognized. We stand in danger of being isolated by a lack of feeling. This is the reason why I am trying bring people back to nature and to poetry"

Margit is a member of Ontario Visual Arts, Interaccess Toronto and Artengine in Ottawa.
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