Margriet Livain

Ice On The River
© 2018 Margriet Livain

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My art wants most of all to be felt. For me, good art connects with the beholder in a way that cannot be directly expressed with words, but is instead experienced on an emotional level. Through this connection, a path to further reflection, meditation, and perhaps even healing of the spirit is opened.

Energy and balance play important roles in my art. I am fascinated with the tension between seemingly opposing forces. Can we find a balance between the opposite energies within and around us - male and female, reality and dream, physical and spiritual? How do we handle these forces without gravitating towards extremes? I do not presume to present the right answers to these questions. My paintings are simply characters and places I encounter on my quest for a deeper truth.

Margriet was born in Amsterdam in 1971 and resided in the Netherlands until the age of 19. She is a self-taught artist with a background in architecture and graphic design. She has lived in the Caribbean, Florida and California. Margriet creates her art on a sailboat, which is currently sailing around Florida and the Caribbean.
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