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Claudino Maria (Maria Clara Rodrigues Claudino) was born in Vila Real. From
an early age, alongside his studies, he expressed the greatest interest in
all that relates to fine arts, especially painting.
In Lisbon, he attended painting classes in tile and glass.
In 2005, after what would be his last exposure in these areas, encouraged
by some artists of his knowledge, the study begins with determining the
techniques of oil painting. Visit museums and studying the works of the
great painters of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
As a self-taught, runs through the difficult path of this new experience
for themselves the use of oils.
Is dedicated exclusively to paint the subject which most increased
awareness: "Still Life".
In 2007 decides to leave his job and devote himself exclusively to
painting. In Carvalhal Bombarral, improvises his studio and began painting
orders that you are made after their first exhibition held in 2005 in
Gorj„o Palace, Municipal Museum Bombarral.
Maria Claudino feels that his compositions would gain more realism if it
had the elements in front, it decides to grow a wide variety of fruits and
Although also use objects of their day-to-day, their preference is
undoubtedly antique pieces. So visit often to exhibitions Flea and
antiques, collecting objects that arouse your senses and can integrate
their compositions.

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