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Maria-Dolores was born in March 1945, in a beautiful town called Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain, where she lived with her parents and sister until her mother was transferred, as a teacher to a little town called Pedrosa De Valdeporres in Burgos, Northern Spain. Where her brother was born. After a happy childhood, she studied designing, dress making and business management before leaving for England in September of 1971, to study English . After a few years she decided to pursue a career in art.

2002-2003 Skilled based quilification in Applied Print Making
(--school of Graphic Design--)
Digital Design (-- Diseño Digital --).
University of London, School of Printing.

1999-2002 Bachelor on Art Second Upper Honours
(--- Equivalente a Licenciatura en Bellas Artes ----)
Especialidad: Art for Community
University of Surrey Roehampton (London)

1998-1999 Access to University ( -- Curso de Acceso a la Universidad --- )
Hammersmith and Chelsea College (London)


Títle: Goya, Imagination or Reason (-- Goya, Imaginación ó razones --)
Type: Essay/Dissitation
Publication: Burlington Magazine (Pending acceptance)

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