Maria Korporal

The Eye of the Golem
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Maria Korporal was born June 1, 1962 in the Netherlands. She studied at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda and after graduating in 1986 she moved to Italy to dedicate herself entirely to her favorite arts: painting and graphics.
In 1989 she founded with Gerrit Van Oord the small publishing house Apeiron and started doing its lay-out and design work. In this environment she became involved with the use of computers, and she began applicating digital techniques also in her art work.
Her recent works are like imaginary video-walls, composed of images elaborated on the computer and put together in structures of imitated television screens: they recall the idea of the video-installation.
The artistic production of Maria Korporal ows a lot to a strong involvement with contemporary culture and literature, like "The Eye of the Golem", which represents the world dominated by the Golem interpreted as a symbol of our contemporary imagination (the media world, television), or "Crashland - The World of J.G. Ballard", inspired by the Ballardian concept "inner space - outer space".
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