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Born in 1963 in Umtali, Zimbabwe, finished her studies in Madrid, Spain.
Since very young she reviled great interest and ability in drawing and painting, developing her knowledge throughout the years in an autodidact way, taking art as a full time activity in the mid 90´s, when she came to live in Lisbon, Portugal.
Using an enormous variety of techniques, her art roots spread in several ways. Her open and spiritual way of being, reflect in her bright colors  and in her simple line in the abstract with nearly primitive lines and a mix of surrealism, a confrontation between a certain  expression of ingenuity and  affirmation of maturity. Her landscapes reflect, by her colors and themes, moments of great serenity, very rare a melancholic form is given to her work. Her nudes reveal a certain provocative spirit which transports to great sensual work bodies surrounded by flame colors.
Great nature’s lover, that present in her home country, corners of extreme beauty and serenity, felt the necessity in 2001 to produce some art with life of it’s own, materializing her  creations of indoor water fountains, the strong sensations of tranquility with all its elements contact. These Works were very welcome and appreciated by the public at the exhibition.
There are in her ‘portfolio’ various Oils on canvas and cardboard, works in Mosaic as well as Sculptures in Stoneware.
Several of her art works are present in several embassies, such as the Japan’s, Belgium’s and Turkey’s.
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