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My name is Marijan Gal. I was born 22nd of Jun, 1965. in small village Kunovec, (North-South of Croatia, Europe) where I went to The Primary school. In Koprivnica I went to The Secondary school, branch: informatics.

From 1986. - 1989. I went to The Fakulty of the organisation and informatics in Varazdin (FOI-VZ). I graduated in January 1990. (branch:data processing). From 1993. I worked in Electronic Computer Center, in Podravka, on a jobs of programming. From the 1st of January 1998. I worked on a jobs of designin of a computer systems.

From the December of 1999. I create internet and intranet web-pages of Podravka.

With a painting art I was occupied from my 15th year of my life. Untill today I organized 8 self-standing exibitions and took part on (at least) 30 group exibitions as a member.

In 1981. I painted my first geometrical picture which strikes the foundation to my geometrical point-of-view of the surrounding world and I am very proud of it. From 1990. my main art-branch become geometrical apstractions. Untill today I created 140 geometrical pictures in different sizes. (Actually, in my 30-years-long artistic period I made over 500 pictures of different kinds and teqnicks.)
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