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Born in San Francisco, California, June 4, 1952, 12:45 pm, pdt. Sun, Mercury & Venus in Gemini with Virgo Rising. Moon conjunct Mars on Libra-Scorpio cusp. Jupiter in Taurus. Saturn & Neptune in Libra. Uranus in Cancer. Pluto in Leo. Obviously, astrology was an early influence and a life-long interest. Planets, stars and constellations a main theme in paintings. Music was also a huge influence. First live performance: Ray Charles and the Raylettes, 1962. Next: the Beatles, 1965. Soaked in many, many exotic influences during the late-60s San Francisco Art & Music scene.

Graduated Los Gatos High School, 1970. Moved north to Seattle-Tacoma, Washington. Studied Painting at Community College. Partnered with schoolmate to open a natural foods co-operative, making bulk dry goods and organic produce available to the poor at the lowest possible prices. Then opened a 70s-style counter-culture art gallery. Organized painting exhibits for several local artists, including her own work as well.

1984, migrated to Hollywood, California, persuing training and success as a screenwriter. Got the training, but not the success. Struggled in pain until 1992, when looters and rioters burned down Hollywood Blvd after the Rodney King Trial Verdict. Last view of Hollywood: leaving town, looking back through the rear window of a pick-up truck,seeing a camouflage-painted tank in the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea Avenue.

1992, started the current period in San Diego, California. Seeking peace and quiet. Studied computers, gradually learned graphic design applications, completed four years of college. Created website and online portfolio. Older and wiser, monk-like devotion to artwork.

Description of Art: Electronic paintings of light and color energies.
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